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California Main Office: 19402 Castlewood Cr., Huntington Beach, Ca. 92648;  Primary Phone: (714) 404-8080 ; Better Business Bureau A+ rating."A Professional Corporation"  

CREDENTIALS: DR. PATRICK BERRYHILL is a 40-year ordained pulpit/community Minister, Retirement Specialist and Elder Planner. Previously a California Social Worker, He is the former titular Head of Ministries, Denver as seen and heard on weekly TV/Radio. Dr. Berryhill, Former U.S.M.C. Brigader, prison Pastor, writer and  even Helicopter Crew Chief for U.S. Presidents, has founded S.H.A.R.P.* Senior Assistance Foundation along with his personal advisory services. His "California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services" number is ACE 47802".  A unique, caring total approach to Senior Life Managment, Assistance, Protection & Personal Services. Dr. Berryhills' carries a "PhD is in Finance and Life Management" Planning. Testimonials, Commendations, Licenses, Accolades on file at his offices. Dr. Berryhill does not practice law nor taxes himself.  These are referred to independent, non-staff tax professionals and top-line attorneys. Additionally, his firm is a rich source of top professionals as called upon.
                                   CONSIDER THESE FACTS
S.H.A.R.P. Foundation is not a financial service. S.H.A.R.P. provides community services of information, counseling, assistance, encouragement and guidance to retirees without charge. Dr. Berryhill's financial services are a separate activity which can provide products & strategies if called for. Retirees are taught and referred to professionals in the use & abuse of investments, trusts, powers of attorney and community services without fees by the Foundation. Those seeking financial services may become clients of Dr. Berryhill financial services if they are accepted; and upon understanding and accepting that commissions  are not paid by clients, but by carrier companies instead.  
             Dr. Berryhills' (Financial Services) Better Business Bureau rating is A+
                ($1 Million Dollar Errors & Omissions Liability Insurance per client)

Ask the Expert!

Is there a law to legally protect my assets from stock market losses, and bank/investment failures? Can I get protection from long term care "spend down" losses without buying long term care insurance? 

Answer:  Yes! You have the right to apply for repositioning. You can move assets out of risky, low interest investments, including IRAs, into higher, guaranteed, interest income "privacy" accounts protected from market, bank and tax risks as well as long term care "spend-down" losses, creditors and probate. Ask our attorneys how! 

You have the right to protect yourself from being wiped-out by Nursing Homes costs without buying long term care ins. (OBRA '93, Law). But you will need a different kind of planning, generally not your usual attorney or insurance broker;  but special legal counsel.

Answer #2: You have rights to keep assets should you or your spouse need long term care without become impoverished (Spousal Impoverishment Act '88). The government will not notify you of these paid for rights; you must find out for yourself. Get  help now! We recommend getting the help of a hard-to-find, experienced, trained qualified professional (unfortunately again, not your usual insurance man nor an attorney), but a special legal counsel by law. Specialized Attorneys are needed for this work.


Family - Three Generations

                    GET RETIREMENT HELP NOW

       ^Receive ongoing Assistance, Guidance, Enablement & Professional Care
       ^Licensed, Qualified Advise, Opinions and Experience
       ^Someone who's on your side whether young, old, single, married,
         disabled, wealthy or of limited means
To contact the firm, Dr. Berryhill or just to ask questions simply write:
Dr. Berryhill   19402 Castlewood Cr., Huntington Beach, Ca 92648   Ph: 714-404-8080
TESTIMONIALS: "Dr. Berryhill, my funds can never depreciate. They can only grow thanks to you." -Dr. Jackson Rayburn
 "God Bless You...from the bottom of my heart...you and your staff for your help...This world's a whole lot nicer because of you!" -Arnelle Worden
"I was about to lose everything..to the nursing home. I was to lose my CDs, borrow against the home & go live with my over-burdened daughter. You eliminated all of this. It's great." -Sally Elkin
"Dr. Berryhill, You're the best I've ever seen as a former Beverly Hills stockbroker...you've been over the years a friend, a brother, minister & confidante. You kept my life and finances at maximum safety & growth."  -Bernie Moll

Licensed and Authorized under the Following:

A.C.E. "Calif. Security & Investigative Services" ID #47802; USMC #1676131;  "Better Business Bureau" A+ Rating #13063733; "Colorado Ins. Lic.  License" #RPI00006586; "Stafford University PhD" (Finance/Life Mgmt in 2004); "National Heritage Foundation (S.H.A.R.P.)registered non-profit 501(3)(c) #58-2085326; "Berryhill Enterprises, Inc"; "Church Ordinations & Religion will be discussed Privately"(1968/76)  Note: USMC; BBB; Stafford University; Colorado Insurance Board; nor the US Federal Tax Dept. as named herein does not constitute endorsements by these bodies. Info & Disclosure only. 

Rev., D.D., Pastor are Ministerial Titles, not applicable to financial services; PhD in Financial & Life-Mgmt Services

Sundial Rotating

19402 Castlewood Cr., Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
Phone: (714) 404-8080

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